Youth Swimmers

We can't wait to dive in with your kiddo! Our youth program is for kids age 6-12 and offers five swimming levels. Take a look at our session dates below, then choose your swimming level to sign up!

June Sessions

Registration opens May 1st at 12:00pm


Monday/Wednesday, June 3 – June 26 (no class 6/19)

Tuesday/Thursday, June 4 – June 27

Saturday, June 8 – June 29


July Sessions

Registration opens June 1st at 12:00pm


Monday/Wednesday, July 8 – July 31

Tuesday/Thursday, July 9 – August 1

Saturday, July 6 – July 27


August Sessions

Registration opens July 1st at 12:00pm


Monday/Wednesday, August 5 – 28 (Berkeley and Pleasant Hill)

Monday/Wednesday, August 5 – 21 (Oakland)

Tuesday/Thursday, August 6 – 29 (Berkeley and Pleasant Hill)

Tuesday/Thursday, August 6 – 22 (Oakland)

Saturday, August 3 – 24



Level: Y1 (Beg. I, Age 6-12)

No prior swim lesson experience needed.

Level objectives: Water acclimation, breath control, submerging, front and back floats and glides, intro to freestyle and elementary backstroke.


Level: Y2 (Beg. II, Age 6-12)

Prerequisites: Comfortable submerging, unassisted front and back float (10 seconds), basic freestyle and elementary backstroke (unassisted 10 ft.)

Level objectives: Intro to side-breathing, freestyle with side-breathing, backstroke, elementary backstroke, breaststroke kick, and treading water.


Level: Y3 (Int. I, Age 6-12)

Prerequisites: Comfortable in deep water, treading water 20-30 seconds, freestyle with side-breathing (15 ft), backstroke (15 ft), breaststroke kick (10 ft).

Level objectives: Freestyle with side-breathing for 15 yards, backstroke for 15 yards, breaststroke for 15 yards, treading water (45-60 seconds).


Level: Y4 (Int. II, Age 6-12)

Prerequisites: Freestyle with side-breathing (15 yards), backstroke (15 yards), breaststroke (15 yards) treading water (45-60 seconds)

Level objectives: Freestyle with bilateral side-breathing (50 yards), Backstroke (50 yards), Breaststroke (25 yards), Butterfly (15 yards).

Flying Fish

Level: Y5 (Adv. I, Age 6-12)

Prerequisites: 50 yards freestyle with side breathing, 50 yards backstroke, 25 yards breaststroke, 15 yards butterfly, 15 yards sidestroke, treading water 90 seconds, comfort in deep water.

Level objectives: Stamina and stroke refinement. 100 yards freestyle, 100 yards backstroke, 50 yards breaststroke, 25 yards butterfly, intro to Individual Medley (IM), 25 yards sidestroke, intro to flip turns and sculling, and treading water 2-3 minutes.