Preschool Swimmers

We can't wait to dive in with your preschooler! Our preschool program is for kids age 3-5 and offers four swimming levels. Take a look at our session dates below, then choose your swimming level to sign up!

April Sessions

Registration opens March 1st at 12:00pm.


Monday/Wednesday, April 8 – May 1

Tuesday/Thursday, April 9 – May 2

Saturday, April 6 – April 27


May Sessions

Registration opens April 1st at 12:00pm


Monday/Wednesday, May 8 – May 29 (no class 5/27)

Tuesday/Thursday, May 9 – May 30

Saturday, May 4 – June 1 (no class 5/25) )


June Sessions

Registration opens May 1st at 12:00pm


Monday/Wednesday, June 3 – June 26 (no class 6/19)

Tuesday/Thursday, June 4 – June 27

Saturday, June 8 – June 29



Level: PS1 (Beg. I, Ages 3-5)
No prior swim lesson experience required.

Level objectives: Water acclimation, breath control, submerging, front and back floats, intro to front crawl arms and flutter kicks.


Level: PS2 (Beg. II, Ages 3-5)
Prerequisites: comfortable submerging underwater, floating with minimal help on front and back, knows flutter kicks, pushes off the wall independently.

Level objectives: Independent front & back floats with recovery to standing, flutter kicks in streamline on front, pushes off wall on front and back independently, swims on front with face in the water, and intro to elementary backstroke.


Level: PS3 (Ages 3-5)
Prerequisites: Independent front float (5 seconds), back float (10 seconds), front and back glides with kicks, and combined stroke on front.

Level objectives: Streamline glides on front and back, intro to side breathing, swims combined stroke on front 10-15 feet, elementary backstroke 10-15 feet, and intro to backstroke.


PS4: Starfish (Ages 3-5)
Prerequisites: Streamline glides on front and back, intro to side breathing, combined stroke on front for 10-15 feet, elementary backstroke for 10-15 feet, and intro to backstroke.

Level Objectives: Streamline glide into front crawl, streamline glide into backstroke, front crawl with side breathing for 30 feet, backstroke for 30 feet, elementary backstroke for 30 feet, intro to whip kick (breaststroke kick), whip kick for 15 feet, intro to treading water, treading water 15-30 seconds, and deep water orientation (where depth allows).