Our Smallest Swimmers

Make a splash with your small swimmer! Our parent-child program is for little ones from 6mo - 2 years old and their parent / guardian. Take a look at our session dates below, then choose your swimming level to sign up!

June Sessions

Registration opens May 1st at 12:00pm


Monday/Wednesday, June 3 – June 26 (no class 6/19)

Tuesday/Thursday, June 4 – June 27

Saturday, June 8 – June 29


July Sessions

Registration opens June 1st at 12:00pm


Monday/Wednesday, July 8 – July 31

Tuesday/Thursday, July 9 – August 1

Saturday, July 6 – July 27


August Sessions

Registration opens July 1st at 12:00pm


Monday/Wednesday, August 5 – 28 (Berkeley and Pleasant Hill)

Monday/Wednesday, August 5 – 21 (Oakland)

Tuesday/Thursday, August 6 – 29 (Berkeley and Pleasant Hill)

Tuesday/Thursday, August 6 – 22 (Oakland)

Saturday, August 3 – 24


Parent & Child

Level: PC1 Combo (6 months to 2 years)

No prior swim lesson experience required. This is a combination class for Shrimp, Perch, and Dolphin students. Parent/guardian (Y member) required in the water with student. Swim diaper required for students who are not fully potty-trained.

Level Objectives: Water acclimation, breath control, submerging, assisted front and back floats, follow cues from instructor and parent, intro to paddling, intro to kicking, and enter and exit water with little to no assistance. For more advanced students: swim to instructor without hesitation, swimming underwater to retrieve submerged objects, pushing off wall into flutter kicks on front and back, unassisted front and back floats, rolling from front to back, and jumping in.