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Social Services · Tri-Valley YMCA

Clothes Drive

At your Y, training, resources and support to empower our neighbors to make change, bridge gaps and overcome obstacles everyday is what we do together. We do this so that everyone has the chance to learn, grow and thrive. Programs include:

Community Outreach

Throughout the year, we gather and distribute a wide variety of necessities like clothes, diapers, bedding, bikes, toaster ovens, tables, and chairs in a discreet manner, respecting the privacy of those in need. Over the course of the last year, we secured and distributed approximately $1,000,000 in product donations.

Mental Health Services

Our behavioral health care services include behavior management, parent education, and individual play therapy. Families (and children) referred to our YMCA by child care staff, teachers, and professionals from other agencies, are assessed by our mental health staff. Our team evaluates and develops behavioral plans, consults with teachers and works with parents to come up with treatment plans.

Parent Education and Support

To support parents in creating healthier and happier families, we offer parenting education workshops, one-on-one consultations for parents, and much more. Topics may include: Positive Discipline and Effective Consequences, Healthy Boundaries | Role Models, Family Traditions and Transitions: Life Changes Mental Health Services.




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