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Community Partners

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Y Partners

The YMCA works collaboratively with many organizations to fulfill our mission of building strong kids, strong families and strong communities. Here are just a few of our partnerships.

Building Blocks For Kids Collaborative

The Collaborative is comprised of a couple dozen governmental agencies, nonprofit groups, and local leaders, all creating change in Richmond’s Iron Triangle neighborhood. Some member organizations have worked with one another for as many as 35 years. The organizations share similar philosophies on how best to achieve the mission of keeping Iron Triangle residents happy, healthy, and informed.

BBK recognizes that no single agency can address the myriad needs facing residents of the BBK Zone and surrounding neighborhoods, therefore, while each individual member provides valuable social, health and/or academic supports to the Iron Triangle children and families, the Collaborative collectively knits those services together in a more comprehensive and coordinated system.

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DeVry University

DeVry was founded in Chicago and opened in 1931 as the DeForest Training School. The name was changed in 1953 in dedication to its founder, Herman A. DeVry Although they are a for-profit organization they are community minded! They recognize that careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) are expected to grow faster than non-STEM occupations.
DeVry University
DeVry launched its STEM Ready initiative to promote these careers and subjects to high school students, with a special initiative to raise that awareness amongst teenage girls. STEM Ready includes inspirational and interactive programs, as well as resources for both students and educators. They are also a generous sponsor of community events promoting organizations that focus on community development.

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Early Childhood Mental Health Programs

Concerned about the number of emotionally disturbed children entering kindergarten, in 1974 a group of local parents, teachers, social workers and community activists founded the Therapeutic Nursery School, dedicated to serving children in West Contra Costa County. Following the lead of pioneering researchers in the field of infant-parent therapy, the agency’s work with children became so widely recognized that it eventually won government support to formalize its Infant-Parent Home Visiting services.
Early Childhood Mental Health Program
To expand the agency’s reach, Preschool Mental Health Consultation Teams were later added. Today they provide a broad range of mental health services to children ages birth to six years and their family/caregivers, as well as consultation services to day care providers and preschools both public and private.

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East Bay Regional Park District

East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) is a system of beautiful public parks and trails in Alameda and Contra Costa counties on the eastern side of the San Francisco Bay. The EPRPD seeks to preserve a priceless heritage of natural and cultural resources, open space, parks and trails for the future and to set aside park areas for enjoyment and healthful recreation for generations to come. An environmental ethic guides them in all that they do.
East Bay Regional Park
Their aim is to acquire, develop, manage and maintain a high quality, diverse system of interconnected parklands which balances public usage and education programs with protection and preservation of our natural and cultural resources.

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Level Playing Field Institute

Level Playing Field Institute is committed to eliminating the barriers faced by underrepresented people of color in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and fostering their untapped talent for the advancement of our nation. This level playing field would start in our educational system. Disparities in resources, high-quality teachers, rigorous courses, and technology would not exist.
Level Playing Field
All students, regardless of race/ethnicity, economic background, parent education level, or neighborhood would be provided with opportunities to excel academically, access rigorous courses, and be prepared to apply to, and graduate from, top colleges and universities across the United States. Recently, LPFI brought computer programming to the Y’s day camp, Camp Code, for under-resourced students from West Oakland Middle School and exposing them to computer science for the first time while making an explicit social justice connection.

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Making Waves

Launched in 1989, the Making Waves Education Program in Richmond has educated seven Waves of students. (A “Wave” is a cohort of students who enter in a given year and stay together through their time with the program.) Making Waves is dedicated to helping their students go on to higher education and professional degrees. They work in partnership with faith communities, cultural organizations, educators, public and private youth service providers and families. Participants receive individualized academic.

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Mindful Life Project

Regional Parks Foundation

The Regional Parks Foundation was established in 1969 to encourage private contributions in support of the East Bay Regional Park District. Besides directly supporting EBRPD programs, the Foundation holds and invests funds for future use by the EPRPD. Over the past 42 years, the Regional Parks Foundation has received donations, land and in kind services valued at more than $35 million.
Regional Parks Foundation
The Foundation’s mission is to support our regional parks through fundraising that provides broader public access, resource protection and preservation, education and recreational programs, and the acquisition of parklands. One of the top priorities is to ensure that underserved populations have equal access to the East Bay Regional Parks District’s parks, trails, programs and services.

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Youth Enrichment Strategies

Youth Enrichment Strategies (YES) provides children and families in West Contra Costa access to experiences in the natural environment—opportunities that can ignite the imagination, build self-confidence and enhance social skills.
YES Youth Enrichment
Educators, parents, and camp counselors observe that early exposure to an array of enriching experiences crate a child’s sense of possibilities and provide the foundation for success. Each year since 1999, YES has brought children from gritty and often dangerous neighborhoods to summer camps located in pristine redwood settings across Northern California. Over the past 14 years YES has evolved to become a well-established and major promoter of health and wellness practices reaching nearly 1,000 low income Richmond and West Contra Costa County residents each year.

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