The Y-Scholars Program is a 4-year college readiness program. We focused on low-income and first-generation college-bound teens. Our mission is to support and guide the Y-Scholars so they will attend and graduate from college. We provide a rigorous program to empower the teens to master skills they need to reach their full potential.

Our resources and services include:

  • Personalized mentoring support
  • Weekly workshops to explore college and career choices
  • Daily after school tutoring Individualized college advising for seniors
  • Free standardized test preparation
  • Communication with parents and school staff

We are dedicated to building a learning community that practices continuous self-improvement. In doing so, we hope to coach high school students to become successful college graduates and pursue higher ambitions.

The program is free. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. Visit the Y Scholars website to learn more!