Pleasant Hill CrossFit is about YOU

In 2016 the IDF YMCA in Pleasant Hill launched its CrossFit affiliate, bringing transformational functional fitness to its members and community.

“The Y and PHCF changed my life. This programming, community and these coaches were critical to my success.  It’s amazing, it’s like having my CrossFit family with an entire YMCA wrapped around it.” -IDF Member

Starting CrossFit

You’ve been curious about CrossFit but haven’t known where to start.

You’ve tried other programs that haven’t stuck.

You’re just not sure you can do it.

Let’s change that together.

    CrossFit at the Y

    CrossFit at the Y is supportive, accessible, and efficiently combines the most effective training methods in Weightlifting, Gymnastics and Cardio. At Pleasant Hill CrossFit, we focus on the process of achieving the healthiest and fittest version of YOU.  
    “Our understanding is that the needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind."  - Greg Glassman, Founder of CrossFit

    Our caring coaches lead each component of our CrossFit programming:

    • Intro: a brief session and workout extolling the benefits of CrossFit, and we hope you join after it
    • On-Ramp: a number of 1/1 sessions with a coach to get you comfortable with key movements, and may include the coach actually attending classes with you to explain the elements as the class unfolds
    • CrossFit: classes throughout the week
    • CrossFit Kids: amazing programming for the next generation of Y CrossFitters
    • Personal Training: there may come a time when you want to work on something specific - double-under, cleans, or pull-ups.  Some coaches have keen specialty in teaching specific movements and can be available for 1/1 coaching for an additional fee.

    The CrossFit Program

    CrossFit is characterized by safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition. CrossFit can be used to accomplish any goal, from improved health to weight loss to better performance. The program works for everyone—people who are just starting out and people who have trained for years.

    The Workouts:
    The magic is in the movements. Workouts are different every day and modified to help each athlete achieve his or her goals. CrossFit workouts can be adapted for people at any age and level of fitness.

    The Lifestyle:
    Off the carbs, off the couch. The CrossFit lifestyle—a combination of diet and exercise—is the key to fitness and long-term health.

    The Community:
    Your support network. With your built-in Y community plus 15,000 CrossFit affiliates around the world, there's no shortage of people who encourage and motivate each other in every class as they work toward their goals.

    Ready to get started?

    Email Julien Marquez to schedule your intro session and answer any lingering questions you might have.

    To learn even more about the Crossfit Program and Lifestyle, check out the website.

    Pleasant Hill CrossFit was also featured in Community Rec Magazine this summer! Read the full article here.

    Our CrossFit team can't wait to see YOU at the Pleasant Hill Y!

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