Ready to shake up your usual routine?

From Pilates Reformer to TRX, our specialty fee-based classes will add new elements to your workout and provide a fun new challenge!


Small Group Personal Training

Includes high intensity classes like Boot Camp Circuit, TRX & Kettlebell, Synergy HIIT, and more! Fall classes now open for registration!

Pilates Reformer

Participants will gain a solid foundation of the reformer exercises, muscle conditioning, and a full-body workout. Improve sports, martial arts, and dance performance by building core strength and greater body awareness. Pilates on the reformer is also beneficial for injury prevention and recovery. Fall classes now open for registration!


Lengthen, strengthen and tone your muscles with Ballet Barre Fitness! This core-focused and music-infused class combines the best of Ballet, Pilates and yoga to strengthen and stretch your body. While the majority of the class takes place at the Barre, participants can expect to use small hand weights, resistance bands and other props for a unique and alignment based total-body workout. Beginners welcome, but some degree of physical fitness is expected. No dance experience necessary.


Through the lessons based on the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, participants develop greater body awareness, learn to reduce unnecessary effort and strain, and improve coordination, posture and flexibility. October classes now open for registration!