The Fitness Coaching System represents a new platform to guide members to results, success and exercise adherence. There are four basic foundations to the Fitness Coaching System. They include the following:

Cardio Foundation

During your Cardio Foundation Session we will: 1) Create a Preva Account 2) Use Rate of Perceived Exertion to determine effective intensity 3) Get you started on the most appropriate piece of cardio equipment for you.

Bodyweight Foundation

Learn what each of the major bodyweight exercises should actually feel like. Your Fitness Coach will cue you through safe and effective bodyweight movements, to help make your solo workouts more effective. 

Circuit Foundation

Increase strength and improve muscle tone, through mastery of the five core circuit machines, for a full-body workout.

Weightlifting Foundation

Practice with PVC pipes or barbell five of the primary weightlifting moves.

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