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Social Services · Eastlake YMCA

MRB Photo Shoot- 2 girls and 2 boysAt your Y, training, resources and support to empower our neighbors to make change, bridge gaps and overcome obstacles everyday is what we do together. We do this so that everyone has the chance to learn, grow and thrive.

English Language Instruction for Parent Leaders

This two day a week ESL course came about as a direct result of parents expressing a desire to have access to English language acquisition for employability and self-reliance.

Healthcare Enrollment Program

This partnership with East Bay Agency for Child and Oakland Unified School District's Family Resource Center provides vocational preparation and resource provision for parents in our community.

Community Outreach Events

We work with a number of non-profits to provide family recreation and healthy lifestyle education. Partner organizations included Children's Hospital of Oakland, Planting Justice, Alternative in Actions, Alameda County, City of Oakland, Oakland Museum of California, Oakland Housing Authority and so many more....





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