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Group Interests · YMCA of the East Bay

Arroyo WWR

Cook new dishes, learn how to a play a musical instrument or spend time with those in the same season of life — enjoy being alongside others from your community. You may be new to the neighborhood or you may simply want to pursue a new hobby, either way we have several ways for you to connect with people who share your interests.

Life Long Learning

Join a class, or start a new one, focusing on language, books, cooking, or your season of life. Currently, a Woman's Retreat Program is coordinated at Camp Arroyo, a Ukulele Club is held at Hilltop and cooking courses are enjoyed at M.Robinson Baker, with additional programs varying by location. What do you want to do?

For more information about opportunities to connect, follow the link to your neighborhood Y: 

Downtown Oakland
EM Downer  M.Robinson Baker 
Eastlake Fremont/Newark Tri-Valley 
Eden Hilltop  




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