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Teens · YMCA of the East Bay

Teen CILTSAt the Y, we understand that teens are embarking out on their own paths, we also understand that sometimes they need help with directions.

We offer several fun, engaging and opportunities for teens to learn, grow and thrive. Check out some of our programs below. Note, programs do vary by location, please contact your neighborhood Y for additional opportunities and schedules.

Campers in Leadership Training

A purposeful teen leadership program that emphasizes personal growth, communication skills, planning, organizing and evaluating experiences.
Available at most YMCA of the East Bay Branches, including our summer residential camps!

Service Learning Projects

Our teen projects encourage and foster leadership development, project management techniques and academic enrichment. Note, middle school and high school service hour requirements may be met through these projects.
Available at most YMCA of the East Bay Branches.


The Y Academic Enrichment programs at both Eden and E.M. Downer include a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) for middle school students.

Teen Camp

Designed for teens, our camps take note of the fact your teen isn't 10 anymore. We allow time to stay up later, sleep in longer and have more down time throughout the week.  Teen Camps are offered at Camp Loma Mar and Camp Ravencliff.

Youth and Government

Our program offers a once in a life time experience for both middle and high school aged students.
Available at most YMCA of the East Bay Branches




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