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Packing List · Camp Loma Mar

The number one tip we can offer you prior to coming to camp is .........Get a Sharpie and Mark EVERYTHING with your child’s name!! Now, on to what those things should be:

Essential Items

  • Warm sleeping bag (30 degrees plus)
  • Pillow  
  • 2 pair long pants
  • 2 pair shorts
  • 1-2 sweatshirt/long-sleeved shirts
  • 6 t-shirts
  • 8 sets underwear
  • 7 pair socks
  • 2-3 pair shoes*
  • Small backpack
  • 1 Warm jacket
  • Swimsuit
  • 1-2 towels
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Shampoo - Soap
  • Hairbrush/comb
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm
  • Water bottle
  • Flashlight
  • Laundry bag
  • YMCA Rag or Leather (if camper has one)
*Shoes must have a back strap/ankle strap, flip flops are not allowed for safety: Please send one pair of shoes that can get wet, water socks and outdoor sandals are fine as long as they have ankle strap.

Non-essential Items

Great Extras

  • White 100% cotton t-shirt for tie-dying
  • Postcards, stationary, pens, pencils & stamps (pre-addressed/stamped envelopes and postcards work well for young campers)
  • Camera (disposable w/campers name works well)
  • Books
  • Please DO NOT bring the following
  • Valuables: ipods, ipads, mp3 players, radios, etc.
  • Video Games
  • Clothing with images promoting violence or disrespect towards any person/group of people
  • Candy & Gum
  • Aerosol Sprays
  • Matches & Lighters
  • Magic The Gathering cards
  • Cell Phones*
 *Cell phones brought to camp will be confiscated & held in the camp office until departure.

The following items are strictly prohibited

If any of these items are discovered by staff they will be confiscated and the camper will need to be picked up immediately by parent or designated emergency contact.


Please limit your child to one (1) piece of luggage, a sleeping bag and small personal bag (backpack size or smaller) as space for luggage is extremely limited. YMCA Camp Loma Mar makes every effort to keep belongings safe and get them back home, but we are not responsible for loss, damage, or theft of any item brought to camp. Campers are responsible for their own gear.

Lost & Found

Please mark all of your camper’s belongings with their name using a Sharpie pen. Lost & Found is shown to campers throughout the week in hopes they will recognize their belongings. Aftercamp, unclaimed lost and found will be available at the camp until August 30. Please do not send any valuables to camp.

Click here for a PDF to print.





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