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Nutrition · Hilltop Family YMCA

Our nutrition programs focus on healthy eating, increasing physical activity and improving your personal health and well being.


Our Nutritionist

We offer individual and private consultation with a Registered Dietitian and YMCA Nutritionist. Learn how to eat right for your personal health and well being. Whether you're trying to lose weight or managing chronic disease, our nutritionist can help you to keep your diet sound, healthy and on track. Sign up now!

Nutrition Services     BMI Testing  
Single Session  $60    Electronic  $45
Introductory Package-4 sessions  $225    7-site-punch  $60




Get Lean Program (6 weeks) (ages 13+)

This intensive program focuses on nutrition, exercise and behavior modification. Participants meet once a week for two hours. Each week will cover an educational lecture with special support and a group workout. In the Get Lean program, our skilled staff will lead you through the steps of improving your eating habits, as well as guiding you through exercises that target your goals, and ultimately set you up for greater success in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Included in the program, you will meet with a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist, as well as a Personal Trainer. Program Fees apply. Minimum of 3 participants must register in order to hold the program. Sign up now!




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