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Kick-Start Appointments · Hilltop Family YMCA

Get your fitness kick-started with one of our trained YMCA consultants! During this free session your consultant will identify YMCA programs, resources and services to help you meet your goals.

Call the Welcome Center at 510 222 9622 to set up your kick-start appointment!

Why should I sign up for a free Kick-start appointment?

Starting something new can be a daunting task, but we want to help! A Wellness coach will help you recognize classes & fitness programs that work for you.

What will I learn from my Wellness Coach?

Some Common Fitness Mistakes vs. Reality

Mistake: “I don’t want any muscles, I just want to lose weight”
Reality: Muscles burn fat and tone the body. Weight training is the key component of any weight loss program.

Mistake: “I’m doing the same routines every week”
Reality: If you repeat the same routines every week, your body will adapt to them and you may stop seeing results.

Mistake: “I never use free weights because I don’t want to be big and bulky”
Reality: Whether you are a man or a woman, free weights guarantee the best results.

Mistake: “I do abdominal exercises to lose fat from my midsection”
Reality: Body fat is lost all over the body; not just from one spot. Doing only sit-ups will strengthen abdominal muscles, but it will not reduce the size of the waist.

Learn about more common mistakes during your FREE Kick-start Session.




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