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Group Fitness · Hilltop Family YMCA

Ready, Sweat, Go! Break a sweat, chat with a friend, relax your mind, challenge your body, or reconnect and recharge! The Hilltop Family YMCA offers over 70 of free classes weekly for members.

We promise to help support you through every stage of life, regardless of age, physical ability, size or shape. We offer group exercise classes for those who enjoy the encouragement of instructors and classmates as well as one on one instruction for those preferring a more personal setting.

Aerobics & Cardio

During aerobic and cardio workouts you'll notice your body's responses quickly. Learn More!

Boot Camp

Our boot camp workouts attract many people because they offer a challenging and varied workout with extensive camaraderie among the participants. Learn More!

Circuit & Interval Training

Use a variety of equipment and plyometric techniques to promote optimal strength training and flexibility. Learn More!


Dancing is a whole-body workout that is good for your heart, makes you stronger and helps with balance and coordination. Learn More!

Gentle Movement/Arthritis Foundation

We know extra attention needs to be paid to those with arthritis and those who need gentle, modified movement and exercise. Learn More!


Strengthen your core, increase flexibility and improve your body alignment through Pilates. Learn More!

Indoor Cycle

Listen to your body, adjust the resistance on your bike and start your ride! Learn More!

Strength Training & Toning

Also called weight training, resistance training and body sculpting, this form of exercise uses external weight or resistance or your own body weight to get results. Learn More!

Stretch & Flex 

An important element of health and wellness, including injury prevention. Learn More!

Tai Chi

An ancient Chinese tradition of graceful exercise used for stress reduction and a variety of other health conditions. Learn More!


An exercise discipline that dates back to ancient India, yoga involves moving the body through a series of positions and stretches, while focusing on breathing or specific thoughts. Learn more!


A dynamic high energy aerobic workout with Latin moves and rhythms. Learn More!




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