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Aquatic Fitness · Hilltop Family YMCA

Water fitness class provides a great muscular endurance workout. We offer different classes for different levels of participants. All water fitness classes are free to facility members. Enjoy a lower impact workout in the pool with our friendly and enthusiastic instructors.


Gentle Water Fitness Class (ages 13+)

A gentle modified version of our regular Water Fitness class. Provides a low-impact aerobic workout designed to work every major muscle group. The water decreases stress on hips, knees, ankles and feet. No swimming skills required. 

Lap Swim (ages 17+) 

Lap Swim is available in our 25 meter pool for adults and teens (ages 17 and up) throughout the day. During peak times, swimmers are asked to circle swim and share the lanes.

Rusty Hinges

Based on the Arthritis Foundation teachings for the YMCA aquatic program, this is designed for anyone with arthritis or related rheumatic diseases or other musculoskeletal conditions ranging from people who are very limited by impaired joint mobility to those who are relatively active with only mild joint involvement. What can be expected from participating in this class is a reduction in pain stiffness and fatigue, improved strength and the ability to function independently in day to day life. This class is taught by an Arthritis Foundation and YMCA certified instructor. Swimming ability is not necessary to participate in the program.

Water Fitness Class (ages 13+)

A low impact aerobic workout designed to work every major muscle group thourgh the natural resistance created by moving in the water. The water decreases stress on hips, knees, ankles and feet. No swimming skills required.

Water Walking

Enjoy the benefit of exercise in the water by walking laps in our Water Walking lane. One lane of the pool is reserved for walking laps at all times, except for Rusty Hinges and Gentle Water Fitness classes.

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