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Yoga · Downtown Oakland YMCA

YogaYoga at the Downtown Oakland YMCA is a great way to stretch, breathe, focus and feel better. Millions of people do yoga because they love what it does for the mind, body, and spirit.

An exercise discipline that dates back to ancient India, yoga involves moving the body through a series of positions and stretches, while focusing on breathing or specific thoughts. The practice delivers unique and vital benefits which include increased energy levels, lower blood pressure, improved memory, better balance and sense of calm.

Yoga means "Union." With classes available for all levels and experience, you will find your union of body, mind and spirit with a balance of breathing and relaxation.

All Levels Yoga

Individualize your practice as your learn a wide range of modifications to make poses more or less challenging depending on your needs. In this class, Beginner through advanced participants practice side by side. Check Schedule

Beginning Yoga

Build a strong foundation by learning proper breath techniques and alignment of the joints and spine in basic standing and seated postures. Check Schedule

Intermediate Yoga

Learn to further refine your technique while safety exploring more vigorous sequences, deeper breath work and challenging poses. Check Schedule

Advanced Yoga

Deepen your practice with more challenging breath work and poses, such as arm balances, deep hip openers, inversions and back bends. This class may not be appropriate for beginners. Check Schedule

Therapeutic Yoga

Treat yourself to this gentle but active class designed to meet the special needs of people new to yoga or those recovering from injuries or with medical conditions. Check Schedule

Core Yoga

Build core strength and increase your flexibility in a class that combines the best stability moves from Yoga, Pilates and Conditioning. Check Schedule





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