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Strength Training & Conditioning · Downtown Oakland YMCA

Strength Training, also called weight training, resistance training or body sculpting, is a form of exercise which uses external weight or resistance or your own body weight to stress the muscles. Body sculpting can help you get in shape, tone the body and lose weight. Some of the benefits are an increase in lean muscle mass, increased strength and stronger bones and joints.


Fire up your core, build long, lean muscles and improve your posture in this barre-based workout that combines ballet, Pilates and functional movement training. Check schedule.

Body Blast

Find everything you need in this effective, total-body workout that blends low-and high-intensity cardio with resistance training. Check Schedule.

Body Sculpt

Shape, tone and sculpt your body using a variety of equipment such as free weighs, body bars, resistance bands, medicine balls and kettle balls. Check schedule.

Circuit Training

Get ready to work as you master 20 functional exercises with our Circuit Team. Circuit Training sessions are held in the second floor Wellness Center. Check Schedule.

Low-Impact Cardio Sculpt

Enjoy a challenging combination of aerobics and sculpting/toning exercises with plenty of low-impact, low-intensity options. All exercises are explained and modifications are given to accommodate different fitness levels. Check Schedule.

willPower & Grace

Explore a fusion of postures and drills, with this functional, full-body workout that blends Cardio-Sculpt, Pilates and Yoga with foot fitness exercises to strengthen your feet and enhance your balance. This unique workout is performed barefoot and provides new and interesting fitness challenges for students of all levels. Check Schedule. 





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