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Gentle Movement · Downtown Oakland YMCA

At the Downtown Oakland YMCA, attention is paid to those who need gentle, modified movement and exercise. Whatever your mobility, at the Y we have a group exercise class for you.

Gentle Movement

Make friends while engaging in chair-based exercises to help improve your range of motion, flexibility and functional movement. Check Schedule.


Improve your sense of well-being with gentle exercises that focus on the connection between movement and thought. Learn to move with less effort and greater coordination to make activities of daily living easier, enhance athletic performance and reduce tension. Check Schedule.

Tai Chi  

Tai Chi is the practice of slow movements, which enables a person to learn the art of balance in all conditions. This class covers a warm up and a gentle stretching, the 24-movement simplified form and basic Chi Gung exercises. Check Schedule.

Therapeutic Pilates

Learn basic Pilates mat exercises to improve alignment and mobility of the spine and joints and build core and back strength. This class is designed to meet the needs of people new to Pilates or those recovering from injuries or with medical conditions. Check Schedule.

Therapeutic Yoga 

Treat yourself to this gentle but active class designed to meet the special needs of people new to yoga or those recovering from injuries or with medical conditions. Check Schedule. 





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